Friday, August 27, 2010

August 2010 Meal #8: Shoyu Pork Replaced by Pork Adobo

Meal #8 was supposed to be Shoyu Pork but I decided to change it since I had started dinner a little late.  So this was replaced by the super easy and quick Pork Adobo.  I had mentioned before that my husband is usually the Pork Adobo cooker and he has his own "recipe" that he goes by.  I was in charge of cooking this particular night since he was at work still and I followed the Adobo recipe that I have posted.  I have only followed the recipe while cooking it with chicken so using pork would be a little experiment for me.

To my surprise it turned out really well and tasty that my two year old happily ate it.  So now I guess I don't have to rely on my husband to cook this for dinner anymore...awww SHUCKS ;-p.  Here's the link below to the recipe I previously posted.


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