Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Apologies...

Been pretty busy lately with some craft projects that I have to get done and cooked a little off the August menu plan which I think is pretty much shot for the month.  Being that I neglected that menu and half the month is already passed I'll have to start fresh when September rolls around.  I'm still kind of on track with the menu plan though but I'm just really behind in posting anything.  I'll get to it once I'm done with this last major project which probably at the latest will be after this coming weekend. 

In addition to the food stuff I blog about, I'll have to start blogging about the many crafts that I like to make which I hope someday I get to turn into a part-time at home business for myself.  I have no set type of craft I specialize in, I just simply find things and like to try to create them myself.  So the "Crafty Creations" tab up on top will soon be filled with some of my old creations in addition to the recent ones I have made.  Still deciding if I'll make some tutorials about things I create since I'm terrible in taking pictures of the process, so we'll see. 

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