Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mac Salad

The third dish that we were also in charge of was my "Famous Mac Salad." Within our group of friends I'm the go to person to prepare the mac salad for every BBQ, get together, and what have you.  My mac salad is always requested and I don't hesitate on making it since I'm pretty picky on how it's prepared and I DON'T like that Reser Brand of macaroni salad in a tub.  I don't like onions or celery in my mac salad, if I end up eating mac salad with either of those I will meticulously pick them out. 

So my concoction of mac salad is pretty simple and only contains six ingredients.  I used to put frozen peas in it until my husband requested that I no longer do that, it's actually better without the peas anyway.  I once in a great while will put in diced boiled potatoes if I have any on hand.  I've never shared this recipe before and it almost seems so secretive since I'm pretty sure any local girl from Hawaii probably makes it the same as I do. LOL.  Also, I never measure the ingredients for this in the exception of the macaroni.  I mince up the imitation crab and just eyeball it to see if there's enough and the mayo I add enough to make the mixture wet.  So the measurements below are an approximate of how much I think I use.

3 cups macaroni, boiled
5 eggs, boiled & diced
2 cups imitation crab, minced
3 cups mayonnaise
salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients thoroughly.  Adding salt and pepper to taste.

Simple as that!  The picture below is the "party size" with paprika sprinkled on top to make it look a little more fancy.

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