Monday, July 24, 2017

Instant Pot: Roast Pork

I converted my oven baked roast pork a while ago but never took the time to post the recipe.  The original baked recipe can be found here:

As I'm sitting here drafting this post, I realize it's pretty much the same way as my IP kalua pig is made but with different seasonings. All you need to do is just add some pork gravy, rice, and corn (Mac salad  preferred 😉) and you've got your own local style plate lunch. My hubby even compared it to an Ige's plate lunch but I won't be tooting my horn just yet 😆. Here's the recipe for you to see if it's plate lunch worthy 😉.


4-5 lbs pork butt or shoulder (cut into 2-inch thickness)
Coconut oil or preference
2 tbsp minced garlic
1/2 medium chopped white onion
Garlic salt
Black pepper
1 cup chicken broth
4 packets pork gravy, prepare to directions

Turn IP on to sauté and add oil. Add onions and cook until semi soft. Add pork and season with garlic  salt and pepper. Add minced garlic and chicken broth. Place cover on IP, cancel sauté, hit meat button, and set timer to 35 min. Be sure valve is on sealing. While pork is cooking, prepare gravy to package directions and set aside. When timer on IP is up, let NPR for 10 minutes then QR. Remove lid and remove pork to a separate clean bowl and shred into big chunks.  Hit cancel on IP and turn sauté on. Add prepared pork gravy to pot and let come to boil. Mix a slurry of cornstarch and water. Add to gravy mixture and let thicken. Once thickened, add pork back into pot. Serve with rice and preferred side dish. All I had was corn although mac salad would've been preferred 😉😝.