Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today Marked A...

BIG day for us.

The lil booger started his first day of PRESCHOOL!!

He already had his orientation two weeks ago, met his teacher, and saw his classroom. We've been going through certain rules at home that he should follow such as raising his hand when he needs to ask a question, no sucking his thumb (trying to break him out of this habit), no putting his hands in other peoples faces, and most of all if he has to fart go to the bathroom to name a few.

On the way to school I drill him on the rules again and he tells me that he doesn't want me to leave him with such sadness in his voice that made me tear up a bit :o(. Mind you that he only goes to school for two and a half hours M-F, he's only gone for pretty much the same length of time I put him into the daycare room at the gym.

Guess its the realization that he's really growing up and "on his own" after being home with me for the past four years. *SIGH* Once we got to school though he got excited and couldn't wait to get out of the car. We were a bit early and the doors were still locked, but that didn't stop him from pressing his face against the glass door to take a peek inside.

Once inside he quickly hung up his backpack, found his name tag, and went straight to the train set he played with the other week. He paid no attention to me and wasn't interested in giving me a hug and kiss goodbye. :o(. That did kind of disappoint me a bit, but I let him on his way.

My not so lil booger is growing up, next thing you'll know he's off to college studying to be a "dinosaur doctor".