Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July 2010 Meal #13: Corned Beef Brisket

Meal #13 was Corned Beef Brisket which is something I haven't eaten in a while.  With it being summertime I wouldn't normally make this for dinner when we're supposed to have warmer weather.  Since our Great Northwest weather has been pretty funky lately I just decided to make corned beef brisket for dinner.

I used to boil the meat over the stove until it was tender which took at least over an hour and served it with just cabbage and mustard.  After meeting my husband he introduced me to the wonderful world of pressure cooking that takes half the time or even less.  The only idea I ever had about a pressure cooker was from watching the movie Radio Flyer when the two brothers decide to make a bad guy potion to rid of their mean step-father.  They had the stove set on high and the pressure cooker exploded making the concoction fly everywhere.  Needless to say I've never used one and was afraid of it exploding in my kitchen when we bought one.  So for a long while my husband was the one to manned the pressure cooker anytime we cooked something in it.  Only within the last few years I've become brave and learned to man it myself LOL. 

I just normally purchase the corned beef that already has the seasonings with it and add cabbage to the broth when it's done cooking.  I don't add the potatoes and carrots with it, I just prefer it cabbage and a generous amount of yellow mustard.

3-4 lbs. corned beef w/seasonings in the bag
1 small head cabbage
yellow mustard

Boil corned beef w/seasonings with water covering the beef until tender.  Adding more water as it recedes if meat isn't tender yet.  Let cool once cooked.  Slice beef and return to pot.  Chop up head cabbage and add to soup, re-heat soup and cook cabbage until tender.  Serve with yellow mustard.


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