Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 2010 Meal Plan

Here's my first meal plan that I have created which took me about 30 minutes to draft up. Most are meals that I cook often and some are things I cook once in a great while. While creating this menu I made a goal with myself to try something new once a week or prepare something that I haven't made in years.  After pouring through the many cookbooks that I have and browsing through numerous online recipes this is what I came up with.

  1. Baked beans w/bacon  & hot sliced hot dogs
  2. Baked macaroni w/garden veggie spaghetti sauce, frozen Italian meatballs, & topped w/cheddar cheese.
  3. Bulgogi
  4. Bok choy & shrimp stir fry w/fresh won ton noodles
  5. Pork adobo
  6. Tandoori chicken w/couscous salad
  7. Meatloaf
  8. Pork tofu
  9. Mochiko chicken
  10. Tuna tofu patties
  11. Hamburger curry
  12. Pork guisantes
  13. Shoyu chicken
  14. Turkey patties
  15. Crockpot pot roast
  16. Pork & squash
  17. Chicken katsu
  18. Beef stroganoff w/noodles
  19. Pork & eggplant w/black bean garlic sauce
  20. Chicken adobo
  21. Teriyaki hamburger patties
  22. Pork chop w/cream of mushroom gravy
  23. Garlic chicken
  24. Lasagna
  25. Miso salmon
  26. Pork stir fry w/won ton noodles
  27. Chicken papaya
  28. Corned beef brisket w/cabbage
  29. Kalua pig
  30. Chicken, mushroom, & zucchini stir fry
So that's the menu for the month of June, give or take with leftovers lasting a day or two or times when eating out for dinner.  With it already being the middle of the month already I'll still go ahead and post the recipes for the meals from the week before.  As far as pictures go, I have a few that I have taken from my Blackberry that I posted onto my Facebook page.  The quality isn't the greatest, but you'll get the idea. 

How's my menu plan so far? Any thoughts or suggestions?


  1. Where's the recipes! LOL, that all sounds so ono!!

  2. Haha! No worries I'll get them up soon before the month's up. I should really go to bed right now too :)-

  3. DUDE!! i love this site. i am THE worst cooker ever!!

  4. No you can't be! I'm not the greatest either but I try ;o)