Friday, July 23, 2010

July 2010 Meal #7: Pork Chop w/Cream of Mushroom Gravy

So sorry for falling behind on blogging my meals, we've encountered a mild emergency with our kitchen faucet breaking which has caused us to eat more this month than we did last month. 

With Meal #7 which was Pork Chop w/Cream of Mushroom Gravy I know there are different variations on how many people prepare this whether it is baked, browned and then crocked pot, frying, using canned condensed soup, or even making a gravy from scratch. 

My version is just simply browning the pork chop til cooked through and letting it simmer in canned condensed soup to make the meat a little more tender.  Doesn't take too long for me to cook this, it all just depends on the thickness of the meat. Below is my very simple recipe.

6-8 pork chops
3 small cans of condensed cream of mushroom  soup
garlic salt

Season pork chops with garlic salt and pepper on both sides.  Heat oil in pan (I use a 3-qt saute pan since i reuse it to simmer the meat with the soup afterwards).  Brown meat on both sides till cooked through.  Place cooked chops on paper towels and set aside.  Drain oil.  Add the 3 small cans of condensed soup plus 1 can of water.  Whisk mixture to get rid of clumps on medium high heat.   Add cooked chops and cover in gravy.  Let simmer for 10 minutes.

I sometimes add one more can of soup since I personally like to smother my pork chop with lots of gravy over a bed of hot rice and we usually run out of gravy when it's time to eat the leftovers too. 

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