Monday, September 20, 2010

My Little Rascal...

I'm talking about my two year old toddler who sometimes thinks he's five.  Today on my Facebook status I wrote:

"Micah's highlights today: "stealing" those round size tag things from hangers while at Ross (found a bunch in his carseat cup holder), walking in the grocery parking lot & he decides to stomp his foot into a puddle splashing really dirty water all over my foot (I was wearing slippahs), & lastly his nightly fart in my face while I get him changed after his bath. The end!"

While browsing through Ross he picked up all the size tags on the floor and hit them in his jeans pockets.  When we left to go to another destination and I took him out of his carseat, I found his little handful of tags in his carseat cup holder.

Yesterday it rained cats and dogs and Micah stepped in puddles which I didn't really mind too much since I wore boots.  Today it was a little sunnier so I wore slippahs when we ran errands but Micah wore some sneakers.  We were walking towards the entrance to the grocery store and a puddle was in our path.  I steered him away from the puddle but he stuck his foot out and stomped right into it.  Dark dirty water all over my foot!

Living in a house with all males and that also includes our Maltese dog, I am surrounded with male bodily function humor.  It was only fitting that Micah would soon pick up that male humor.  He thinks its hilarious to fart and especially after I bath him.  He will tell me, "Mama I futt in yo hand mama! Ha ha!"  If it doesn't come out naturally, this kid will force it out.  His favorite time to surprise me with one is when I remove his bath towel and he blasts one straight at me.

With all the little rascal boy things he does I can't help but smile and laugh.  He's my one and only "Lil Booger" as I call him, his smile and dimples just melt me to pieces.

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