Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Think I'm In Love w/Anastacia...

The Hollywood eyebrow guru that is...LOL!  A few months ago I went to Sephora on the hunt for the Anastacia Eyebrow Kit but I wasn't about to buy it for $100+ with all the extra goodies in it.  All I wanted and needed were the eyebrow stencils and for $20 it was a dun deal.  I had read somewhere that these stencils worked really well in shaping your eyebrows and Lord knows I needed that help.  Since I no longer go to a professional waxer to cut costs in this darn economy I've succumbed to waxing and tweezing my own eyebrows again. 

I admit I can go weeks without maintaining them and I end up losing the shape so I end up over plucking or not plucking in the right spots.  Weird as it may sound I tend to check out people's eyebrows so see how they're shaped and I really envy those who have perfectly groomed and shaped eyebrows.  I've even considered tattooing my eyebrows but I'm too chicken and afraid of it looking so fake, even worse it's permanent. 

So anyway I bought the Anastacia Eyebrow Stencils a few months back and tried them.  Guess I didn't try hard enough since I couldn't figure out to get the shape correctly so I gave up.  Now fast foward about seven months later and I gave it another try.  By golly I think it finally worked!  Granted I may have again over plucked a little and the ends my of eyebrows are a little sparse to begin with, but with some eyebrow filler (I use the Laura Mercier Brow Definer) everything looks nice and tidy.  I just did this tonight without putting on my full blown makeup battle gear on so things could be a little different when I try to recreate the shape at a later time. 

So as of right now I am saying I think I'm on love with Anastacia for helping me re-shape my eyebrows.  If there's another post about this then you'll know something went wrong.

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