Saturday, October 16, 2010

September 2010 Meal #9: Chinese Roast Chicken

For Meal #9 that was Chinese Roast Chicken I never got to eat. I defrosted the chicken and nearly forgot about it.  I already had the marinade and decided to prepare it for the baby shower that was being held at our home.  The marinade I used was the NOH Chinese Roast Chicken that looks like this below.

I used chicken thighs and marinaded it for several hours until it was time to BBQ it for the baby shower.  There was an abundance of other good food that I forgot to grab a bite of this chicken.  According to the package directions you can roast or BBQ it.  My husband said that it didn't have much flavor but then again the person in charge of BBQ'g kind of burnt it anyway.  So the next time I use this particular seasoning I'll try the baking method.  Hope it turns out better for someone else. ;o)

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