Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pretty Cherry Blossoms & Sunshine...

Today was such a nice and sunny day that all the Cherry Blossom trees I seen while driving around looked so pretty.  I like this time of season when all the spring flowers start to bloom.  My flower bed in the backyard of daffodils and tulips are blossoming. 

I keep bugging my hubby to plant a cherry blossom tree but he doesn't want to since the flowers make a big mess when they fall.  Makes a good point there since I don't want to be the one that cleans it up LOL.  It's SO pretty though.  I guess I'll settle for admiring cherry blossoms from afar like I did today.  I took a picture of a tree today but it's not the greatest since it was taken from my phone.  Hopefully we get another sunny day to take some real pics, but here's the beauty I saw today :o).

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