Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's T-Shirt Time! Weaving Technique...

I wish I never gave away a bunch of old tees that I had so I could experiment with the cool art of t-shirt cutting.  So for now I'm using my hubby's old tees for practice and just adjust them to fit me. 

I started my hand in t-shirt cutting a few months ago when I wanted to match my son's Plex Halloween costume.  I just the weaving technique on the back, cut out the neckline, and tied colored ribbon to scrunch up the sleeves. This turned out pretty good for my first time and this is how it turned out.

I later did more t-shirt cutting for myself, a friend, and her daughter using the same technique when we went to a Yo Gabba Gabba concert.  I didn't have enough time to experiment with different styles so I just did the same weaving technique.  I ended up weaving the back of my t-shirt three times since it was too loose.  Here's how our t-shirts turned out.

Danni's Tee

Suelynne's Tee

My Tee

I'd give you the rundown tutorial but I'd totally screw up on writing it correctly.  So rather than confuse the heck out of you here's the YouTube video by MakeupByRisa that I used to get the idea of just the weaving technique.  Everything else I did to my tee was just by going with the flow on how to make it cute. 

Hope you try this out and you rock some cool tees!


  1. Tee's came out awesome!
    Ive never tried the weaving technique. Gotta hit up the thrift stores again =)
    Thanks for sharing@

  2. I swear I wrote a reply last night, hmph.

    Thanks! Hubby's old tees are coming in handy for me. There's more that I want to try out ;o)