Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning...

Is it still technically Spring?  I can't really tell while living in the Great Northwest since it's still raining LOL. 

Nonetheless, I've gotten the sudden urge to do some spring cleaning and try to re-organize our house.  The first plan off attack was our kitchen pantry.  I usually end up cleaning it up and in no time it looks like a bomb went off in there.  I figured maybe getting pantry stackable shelves will help out the problem with the canned goods piling on each other and getting bigger baskets or containers for our snacks and such.

So the first place I had to check out was IKEA for some organizers on the cheap.  I so LOVE Ikea and wish I could furnish our whole house with their stuff.  I knew they would have what I needed which where the stackable shelves.  I had already checked Target for those but they were a little more rinky dink than I imagined and costing $7 or more each item.  So when I seen the Rationell Variera shelf insert for $5.99, that had me sold. 

We took a quick trip to Ikea yesterday and I was on a mission to JUST get the shelves and that's it.  Yeah, that sort of didn't happen, I got two glass vases for under $2/each and 3 rubber spatulas for $0.29 in addition to the shelves. I was though in Ikea for under an hour on a Saturday afternoon, you have to give me that LOL.

Then on Sunday I hit up Home Depot and Target to search for storage bins/containers to better contain other things that are thrown into the pantry.  When I finally got home I spent the last three hours or so purging out old food and what nots in there that I had used 3/10 gallon sized garbage bags that were filled to the opening of the bags.

After all that work, I must say I'm quite satisfied how it turned out.  The only thing I forgot to do was clean out the very top shelf which is pretty minor.  Now that this part of spring cleaning is over, on to other parts of the house.  Here's my BEFORE/AFTER pics of my cleaning escapade.




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