Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quack Quack!!

Behind our local library there's a nice walking path and a pond full of ducks. Once in a while I like to take the lil booger there to go and feed the ducks. I could honestly sit there for ages myself and just throw bread out to the ducks. For some reason it just seems relaxing to me.

That day we saw some ducklings and something that I thought was a beaver or otter. When I showed my hubby the picture later he told me that they were nutria. The first time I ever heard of nutria was on the Andrew Zimmern show "Bizarre Foods". They're supposedly some kind if river/pond rat that are edible *SHUDDER*.

Anyway, aside of the "nutria" sighting the lil booger had fun feeding the ducks. I must say though that those ducks are savages when going after those pieces of bread. Kind of reminds me of people at Costco going after the samples LOL.

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