Monday, August 6, 2012

Dinosaurs in the Mall


A long while ago I signed up for email updates from one of the strip malls in my area to receive monthly kids events. So a week ago I got an email saying they they were having an OMSI sponsored dinosaur exhibit. Now the lil booger is still very much into dinosaurs at the moment so I knew he'd be excited to see this exhibit.

Since yesterday was very HOT I figure I take the boys over to Cedar Hills Crossing to check out the dinosaurs and have lunch at L&L while we're there...oh and to take advantage of the a/c too ;).

We get there and the "exhibit" was tiny compared to the one we went to last year at the Bishop Museum on Oahu. The lil booger was a little disappointed but what can I say it was in a little strip mall. He made do with what was there and eventually had fun "digging for fossils" in the fossil bin.

So if anyone is interested in visiting the exhibit it's there until the end of the month. Go check it out and have some fro-yo while you're there!

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