Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where the Heck....

Have I been?

Geez, I haven't posted anything in here since May!  It's been a ghost town on my blog since then.  Well I'm alive and well and a whole lot has happened since I last posted.  I've been meaning to share some news that is quite exciting for us but haven't had the time to post it. 

The BIG announcement is that Ancheta & Co. is EXPANDING!!  Baby #2 is on his/her way this coming February 2012.  I'm so far 17 weeks along and we get to find out the baby's sex in about three weeks.  The Lil Booger is excited that he gets to be a big brother and can't wait to help out with the new baby. 

Finding out that we're expecting Baby #2 happened a day before our 4-year wedding anniversary and it was a great present to the both of us.  Now I can't wait to have enough energy and time to start making some baby craft items.  We're home in Hawaii right now so I've already gotten some really nice Hawaiian print material and before we left Oregon I scored some cheap diaper cloths. 

Our summer has been pretty busy with the Lil Booger in some sports camps offered through our city and parks recreation.  Adding with me feeling completely exhausted and finally experiencing "any time of the day" sickness during my first trimester.  We've had a fun filled summer I must say though with camping, sports, days at the park, and now to end it with a trip home to Hawaii.

That's pretty much why I've been M.I.A on my blog.  Now that I've gotten most of my energy back and not taking 4-hour naps in the afternoons anymore, I should be able to blog a little more now. LOL! 

So I'll see you all soon.  Here's a pic to end the blog with that I took the other day.  I was telling my hubby that I took a similar pic like this when the Lil Booger was six months old on our first trip home with him.  Just to think in a year we could have Baby #2 doing the same post ^_^.

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