Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making Malasadas...

Last Tuesday was Fat Tuesday and in Hawaii it's celebrated at Malasada Day.  So to celebrate in spirit I wanted to make our very own maladadas for dessert.  A malasada is a egg sized Portuguese fried doughnut coated into sugar.  I was too lazy to make it the traditional way and wait for the yeast to rise so I did the next best and easiest thing....fried up some canned biscuits. 

I haven't done this in years either and I usually just buy canned Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits, fry them in oil and coat them in sugar.  Instead buying a brand name can of biscuits, I bought the Albertson's generic brand and tried the home style biscuit version.  The buttermilk biscuits tend to have a salty after taste so I tried the home style in hopes that it makes a difference.  I had my lil booger help me out and pop open the biscuit cans, to my surprise the cans that I opened up were the ones that POPPED and made me jump.  His cans had to be forced open and didn't get to scare him like I hoped they would LOL.  Yeah, I know bad mommy wanting to scare her child ;)-

I made a sugar and cinnamon mixture instead of just the normal sugar.  Once the first batch was done cooking, coated in sugar, and cooled off it was time for a taste test.  The home style flavored biscuits made a BIG difference in flavor.  They tasted better than using buttermilk and didn't have that after taste.  Also, coating in sugar and cinnamon made the malasada taste even better.  So much that I had to close the container and walk away LOL.

Here's what our little malasada party looked like.

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